Hello! I Am Jiayi Gu.
Principal Product Developer

What and where did you study?

I studied Electrical Engineering in Shanghai University and then the same major in the graduate school of University of Missouri.

When did you start developing?

I started programming in college.

What program language can you code in?

I can code in C, Java, and Object-C. “Object-C” is the programming language for apps on Apple mobile devices. I use to build and sell mobile apps in Apple App Store and Google Play, until there is an app for everything.

How did you contribute to BMC Innovation Suite?

My team and I created Process Designer and Rule Designer. They are the workflow engine and workflow designer of BMC Innovation Studio.

When you are not developing, what other interests/hobbies do you have?

I love playing with my pet cat. He is a little black cat with green eyes. He sits next to me whenever I sit down in the couch coding, watching TV or having meetings. My cat talks in meetings sometime. Besides play with cat, I also like to watch TV and remodel my houses. TV helps me relax my mind and “house remodeling” exercises my other part of the brain. I do my own interior design. I like to put beautiful tiles and patterns in my kitchen and bathrooms.

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