Hello! I Am Jiayi Gu.
Principal Product Developer

What and where did you study?

I studied Electrical Engineering in Shanghai University and then the same major in the graduate school of University of Missouri.

When did you start developing?

I started programming in college.

What program language can you code in?

I can code in C, Java, and Object-C. “Object-C” is the programming language for apps on Apple mobile devices. I use to build and sell mobile apps in Apple App Store and Google Play, until there is an app for everything.

How did you contribute to BMC BMC Helix Platform?

My team and I created Process Designer and Rule Designer. They are the workflow engine and workflow designer of BMC Innovation Studio.

When did you start working in tech?

In year 2000, I graduated from University of Missouri. The first job in my life was to build features in AR System Server. I was immediately drawn by the fun and challenge of the server, and those smart and friendly people around me.

Working on the AR System platform is a blaster. There are always innovation projects going on in the platform. I worked on Remedy Process Designer back in 2003; Object Store, which later became CMDB; I was one of the four members who started rewriting AR System Server using J2EE technologies. In 2011, Sulcer and I created next generation BMC mobility platform, which later got adopted by MyIT and SmartIT. After ServerJ was released, I transited to build BMC Helix Platform, and became the architect of BMC Helix Platform Business Logic pillar.

Silicon Valley is the hub of tech startups. Lots of software companies were born here, and go public. Like lots of people in Silicon Valley, I started a company to build mobile apps at my spare time; I quit BMC a few years ago to join a startup to build a social mobile app. However, the AR System Platform, the power and richness of the platform drew me back to BMC in 2013.

When you are not developing, what other interests/hobbies do you have?

I love playing with my pet cat. He is a little black cat with green eyes. He sits next to me whenever I sit down in the couch coding, watching TV or having meetings. My cat talks in meetings sometime. Besides play with cat, I also like to watch TV and remodel my houses. TV helps me relax my mind and “house remodeling” exercises my other part of the brain. I do my own interior design. I like to put beautiful tiles and patterns in my kitchen and bathrooms.

Do you have anything you would like to share with new graduates going into the tech field?

I think that education is much more important than when I started my career, but that does not mean you should not explore technology outside the educational system. To be really successful as a programmer, you need some talent but most importantly you need to love what you do. Don’t search for money in everything, instead create projects in your spare time that YOU are interest in.

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Architecture 4

J2EE 3

Mobile Applications 2

Cloud Computing2



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