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What is Jobs-as-Code?

Jobs-as-Code is an approach to managing application automation in the SDLC just like any other code components of an application. This means coding jobs using any text editor or IDE, using your existing build tools to build the automation, perform automated testing using existing testing frameworks, and deploy to downstream environments all in an automated CI/CD pipeline.

Resource Library



Supercharging PayPal's application development

Presented by Rama Kolli, Product Manager, Developer Experience at PayPal at the 2017 DOES conference in San Francisco, CA

Shaping the Future of Travel with DevOps and Cloud

Presented by Alice Albano, Software Engineer, Amadeus and Damien Profeta, Expert Software Development, Amadeus, at DOES17 London.

Control-M Automation API

Embedding Control-M Directly into Application Development

Increase app quality while speeding delivery

Don’t get sidetracked by what's in your DevOps blind spot

You scream for microservices orchestration; I scream for batch; we all scream for Jobs-as-Code

Joe Goldberg’s keynote presentation at the O’Reilly Velocity Conference in 2017

Basil Faruqui, BMC Software

BigData NYC 2017

Building an automation-driven Lambda architecture – Presented by: Malwarebytes

Darren Chinen explains how big data practitioners at Malwarebytes are using Lambda architecture to provide real-time views into big data by combining batch and stream processing, leveraging BMC's Control-M

Tutorials & Examples

These videos are fully functional tutorials that implement real-world Control-M Automation API use cases.


Connect with Control-M: Control-M Automation API

27 min course Watch


Connect with Control-M: Control-M Automation API: Advanced

24 min course Watch


How to use Automation API to provision a Control-M Agent to run Hadoop Jobs

3 min course Watch


Checking Job status and performing AJF actions with Control-M Automation API

3 min course Watch


Control-M Automation API - Workload on AWS Part 1

7 min course Watch


Control-M Automation API - Workload on AWS Part 2

5 min course Watch


Control-M Automation API - Workload on AWS Part 3

7 min course Watch


Control-M Automation API - Workload on AWS Part 4

9 min course Watch

Developer Tools

Workbench Download

A no-cost, self-service, standalone development environment that is launched in minutes, giving you the autonomy to code, debug, and test jobs the same way that any other coding activity is performed.

Follow set-up instructions in the installation guide.

APIs & Documentation


Detailed technical documentation for the Control-M Automation API that includes tutorials, code reference and code snippets for both REST requests and the CTM CLI.


Explore the Control-M Automation API via Swagger UI

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