Hello! I Am Anders Wilhelm.
Blå Tornet Systems, CTO

What and where did you study?

I studied Computer science at Umeå University way up north in Sweden in the 1990s for a master in development methodology/user interface design.

When did you start working in tech?

I got introduced by my dad, an old-school Cobol consultant in 1982, earning extra by coding small applications on an Apple II during winter and spring breaks when I was around 12-13. After my studies I was recruited by a friend at a Remedy partner in 1996, where I started as a AR System consultant on version 3.0.

Tell us something you enjoy doing (or something interesting that you wouldn't mind sharing) when you are not working…

My wife and I are foodies, so we do a lot of home cooking and dining with the kids as a hobby. I am also trying to find time more time to work on my music and preparing a live set with my electronic duo Datapop, We just finished working on our latest POP album after two years in the making.

Do you have anything you would like to share with new graduates going into the tech field?

Learn the tricks of the trade, find an experienced mentor. . Stay informed on trends and use a tool set you are comfy with. And don’t forget to have fun, I do it from participating in projects I am passionate about.

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