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Developers are the great leaders of the online world and most great developers innovate not for the money, fame but because they are passionate and proud about their craft. Meet some of BMC's Developer Community members and learn how they got started working with Enterprise Software; what they do outside work and the valuable words of wisdom they share with the new graduates going into the tech industry. Thank for being part of our community!

Justin Bakker

Sr Technical Support Analyst - BMC Software

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Yann Baumgartner

ITConcepts Professional GmbH

Senior BSM Consultant

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Thorsten Fleischmann


Senior Consultant

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Christoph Klapetke

Vipcon GmbH & Co. KG

Solution Architect/Chief Innovation Officer

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Jason Miller

Sharp HealthCare

Principal Technical Analyst

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Jiayi Gu

BMC Software

Principal Product Developer

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