Hello! I Am Thorsten Fleischmann.
Software Engineer

What and where did you study?

Two years ago I earned a degree in Information Systems at the FOM in Nuremberg, which is a university for employees.

When did you start working in tech?

I started 2003 with an on-the-job training at Deutsche Telekom (T-Systems, T-Mobile) where I went through different it departments. There I also got in touch with BMC Remedy. At first as a user within a 2nd-level support, later as part of a development team where I used the Remedy API to create a self service web application. After my training I joined Materna where I've been working as a remedy consultant since 2006.

Tell us something you enjoy doing when you are not working...

I like doing sports: I go jogging and swimming and just started bouldering. I did Kendo and Aikido for a few years. When I have more spare time I love hiking and traveling. Furthermore I am interested in lock picking, photography, movies and playing computer or board games with friends.

Do you have anything you would like to share with new graduates going into the tech field?

Be curious! You should always try to understand why and how things work. I learned my first programming language when I was a young teenager: It was QBasic because I wondered how the games "Gorillas" and "Nibbles" on my first pc (an Intel 286) worked. I stayed curious and already learned a lot of computer technologies like Perl, HTML, C or Linux during my teenage.

my skills

remedy 3

birt 2

css 2

ars 1

gamification 1

incident-managment 1

perl 1

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